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There are so many online casinos yet few make a mark like 855Crown Asia. They have been pioneers online gambling website with traditional Asian games offered for the aficionados to enjoy. The enthusiasts who are looking for dice games like Sic Bo need not search any further as it is available at this online casino. The best part of the game is that Sic Bo rules and strategy is easy for interested people to understand.

About Sic Bo at 855Crown Asia casino

A name to reckon in the field of real world casinos, 855 Group of Cambodia runs the trustworthy online version called 855Crown Asia. They guarantee thrills and fun experience for all players along with a chance to win a lot of money. They are a brand name that people trust blindly when it is about fair game and timely payouts. The customer service and assistance is of top quality while the money transactions are totally secure.

Coming to the game of Sic Bo, online gaming need to be smooth and suave and this is what you get at 855Crown.com while playing. Dice games are popular among the casino going crowd like Craps, but the layout for Sic Bo is different. It’s easy to navigate and understand as well.

Sic Bo Rules and Strategy 855Crown Asia

The name translates to Small Big, probably referring to the bets that can be played in this game. By following the rules and particular strategies the gamblers can have a good time online making some real money.


There are 3 different dice that are used in this game. Players can place their bets once the dice are shaken. If the outcome matches with your chosen number, then you can win up to 150:1 payout, depending on the bet. The website is operated much like a real time setup. In case of any special circumstances, the resolution will be based on the discretion of the house and announced on the site.

In case, there is any kind of disruption during a game which stops it temporarily and devoid it of any results, then all the amount of bet on that particular game is refunded to the player’s account. As the game is played in real time, to avoid any confusion the dealer camera will zoom-in on the resulting numbers and then only announce the winning. The only condition is that this should not affect the on-going game.

Strategy and Bet types

All Triple aka three of a kind is when the dice are all resulting in the same number like 111, 222, or 666. The winner takes a payout of 24:1.

Wai Dice Bet – Here you can bet on a specific set of three to come and if it does then 150:1 is the winning ratio. Unlike All Triple, here the gambler will have to choose a specific set like 333 or 444.

Pairs Bet – Players have to select any two numbers to appear and if they do, it is a 8:1 payout.

Total bets – These are the easiest as they are the total sum of numbers you wish to bet as an outcome. Leaving the least and highest possible outcome (3 & 18), you can bet on any total starting from 4 to 17 on the roll of three dice. The pay ratio in total bets would depend on the total number, see below- Total of dice Ratio:

  • 4 & 17 – 50:1
  • 5 & 16 – 18:1
  • 6 & 15 – 14:1
  • 7 & 14- 12:1
  • 8 & 13- 8:1
  • 9 to 12- 6:1

Small/Big and Odd/Even bet – These words are written on the board. You can place a bet on small sum ranging 4-10 and the big bet is on sum ranging 11-17. The payout here is 1:1 and none of the two wins if its an All Triple.

Ninewaycards – This is when the players want to bet on any of the possible 15 two dice combinations like 3 and 4, 5 & 2, etc., and the bet will pay at 5:1 ratio.

Three Forces – This is a single number bet with hope to get it on the maximum number of dice out of the three. Players can choose any of 1 to 6 and place the bet. If the number appears on a single dice it pays 1:1, on two dice it will be 2:1, and likewise for all three it will be 3:3.

The gamblers need to choose their winning strategy with the above rules in mind to win at the 855Crown Asia. With a proper strategy involving the one or more bet types can help the player to have a better chance of wining. Every player has a good chance to have a fun filled time online with a hefty payout to win.

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