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See what all the people are talking about with the new and improved online lottery. if you like Lottovip you will love Keno. And Keno brought you by the good people at 855crown

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855crown presents the amazing world of KENO! Designed for players residing in Asia, the numbers games have been a part of our culture for many years. We are giving you the opportunity to try your luck with our excellent platform of KENO lottery Games. KENO is all about luck and there are very few strategies that can maximize your chance of winning. Real excitement is right now! Uncertainty is and this is what makes KENO more exciting than other casino games. Before you get into action through our virtual gaming environment, let’s have a look what KENO is and what benefits and assistance you will be provided by our KENO program.

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The game of KENO

The game of KENO was first introduced in ancient China. We have combined the features of lottery game and online bingo in our KENO platform. The virtual or online form of KENO is exactly what the traditional form is where the KENO board has 80 numbers; 8 down and 10 across. You simply choose your numbers to place bets and your winning is determined by the quantity of numbers you select and the amount of your wager. In our KENO platform the betting amount ranges from $1, $3 and $5 increments.



KENO is the easiest game to play in our virtual casino. The rules are as simple as choosing the numbers (20) you think will come out in lottery draw and placing your bets on them. With our easy to understand gaming platform and graphical presentation you can easily select your desired numbers through mouse clicks. In the next step you simply determine how much money you want to place on that bet and how many games you want to play.

At this stage our Random Number Generator (RNG) software selects 20 numbers randomly and highlights them in the KENO screen. Your winning amount depends on how many numbers are matched.


KENO bet types

In our game of KENO winning doesn’t really depend on the amount of your bet; you can win thousands of dollars even wagering just $1. There are a few types of betting in KENO and you should get to know a bit about them before getting into action. The bet types are –

  • Straight Bet: In a single game straight betting option lets you select up to 15 (in some cases 40) numbers while our casino draw 20 numbers. Minimum wager in straight betting is $1.
  • Split Bet: In split betting option you can select multiple groups of numbers in the same game.
  • Way Bet: Way bet allows you to wager on several groups of numbers but as a player you must choose assorted combos of numbers from some preferred groups of numbers.
  • Combination Bets and King Numbers: Such bet lets you combine different straight bets in a single game.

Why 855crown?

We offer you a better payout percentage compared to other land based and online casinos. We also have the best straight forward payment processing system and more than effective customer support service that makes us stand alone in the crowd.


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