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Football is an exciting and action packed game that has been being played for centuries. Though there are very few Asian countries that play in FIFA World Cup, the craze of football is nothing less than that of other regions of the world. In that same way football betting in Asia is as old as the game itself. But, in recent years the betting system of football has been revolutionized with the introduction of virtual or online sportsbook where Asian football lovers can wager their money on their favorite teams.

We, 855crown, are one of the leading online gaming and betting brands in Asian market. We are happy to present you our exclusive online sportsbook through which you will be enjoying our exciting range of football betting features. We have observed that the number of football bettors has been increasing at an increasing rate in Asia due to faster access to information and betting platforms but still many of you are failing to be successful. Such thing happens just because there is lack of knowledge and understanding of football betting systems, different odds and their movements. So, get the Asian football betting system explained here in 855crown. Enjoy!

Asian Handicap Betting:

Handicapped betting system was originated in Asia in 21st century. This unique betting system got huge popularity in Asian countries and even outside of Asia. This is actually a type of odds used especially in football betting. In our sports betting site (855crown.asia) it is expressed as 1 / 2. In this betting system, the stronger team which has more possibility of winning is termed as ‘Favorite’ and the weaker team is termed as ‘Underdog’. To give the bettors a leveled betting environment with almost equal winning opportunity, the favorite team is given a handicap and the underdog team is given a head start before starting the game.

So, there are only two possible outcomes instead of three (win, loss, draw) in Asian handicap system. Asian handicaps usually range from 1-quarter goal to several goals and reduce the predicted outcome from 3 to 2 by excluding the draw option. So, bettors have 50% chance of winning every time betting on Asian handicap. Final result of a match doesn’t matter in Asian handicap. For example, you might wager on an underdog team, that might lose by a goal but still winning the bet just because of the favorite team had handicaps. So, in Asian handicap odds, to win a bet on stronger team, the team must ensure win with a specific margin otherwise only a win won’t work.

Here are a few reasons why Asian handicap odd system is preferred by most punters –

  • Better Winning Chance: In traditional fixed odds system there are 3 possible outcomes (win, draw, loss) and therefore you have 33% chance of winning. As there is no draw option in Asian handicap betting system, chances of winning increases from 33.3% to 50% in no time.
  • Secured Bet: In Asian handicap system, you may win a bet even if your team loses. In case if you lose the bet, you will be losing a quarter or half of your stake instead of full stake like the traditional fixed odds system. So, this is to some extent more secure and safe bet to place where both strong and weak teams have equal chance of winning. You can also split your stake on both teams for half profit and half loss situation.

A Few Tips:

  • Avoid Handicap Odds: As a beginner you may avoid handicap odds at least for a while. In such betting, you bet on a team for winning the match and thus put all your money at risk by investing on one team. But, if you go for Over/Under bet offered by 855crown, you will win the bet when either of the teams scores. So, this is safer for a beginner.
  • Manage Your Fund: Ultimate success in betting depends on how efficiently and wisely you can manage your fund. Putting all eggs in one basket is never a way to go and therefore try to allocate your funds among different matches rather than investing them all in one match. Always wager an amount that you can afford losing and thus stay alive in the betting table. Ask the 855crown tipsters for help regarding fund management.

Asia’s Major Football Leagues to Bet on:

855crown provides you the opportunity of betting on all the major Asian football leagues and tournaments. Following are the available leagues to bet on in 855crown –

  • V-League (Vietnam)
  • Thailand Premier League
  • King’s Cup (Thailand)
  • S-League (Singapore)
  • United Football League (Philippines)
  • Pakistan Premier League
  • Myanmar National League
  • Malaysian Super League
  • K League Classic (Korea)
  • DPR Korea League
  • J League Division 1 (Japan)
  • Indonesia Super League
  • I League (India)
  • Chinese Super League
  • Cambodia Premier League
  • Bangladesh Premier League
  • Kabul Premier League

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