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Fan Tan

Gambling has never been much better than what 855crown Casino has to offer. For ages now, we’ve been tied down to the monotonous old school mode of betting in which luck determined who walked away with the prize. Well, this has been revolutionized by a present game changer in the market by the name 855Crown. As a top notch Asian site for online gambling, we are an online casino that is built on the pillar of complete customer satisfaction. Apart from the many betting games we have at our customer’s disposal, 855crown has highly maximized on new games in the gambling market. One game that’s now inclusive in our games is the Fan Tan card game that has taken the online casino by storm. This game has not only attracted more casino lovers but also given us a commanding influence among online casinos.

What is the Fan Tan game?

It is highly recommended for our prospective customers to fully understand this game. Well, Fan tan is a card game played popularly across Asia and the rest of the world. To add on, its’ roots can be traced deep back to the Chinese who have enjoyed this game for quite a long time. This game is interesting in two things, one being that after dwindling into oblivion in terms of popularity for some time, it has once again taken the market by storm on the online platform and two, is that one does not need to rely on luck alone but can incorporate various strategies to increase your odds of winning. However in Fan Tan, there exists a set rules that once a player understands, it would be a walk in the park, especially on a sophisticated casino site like 855crown.

As a player on 855crown you will find Fan Tan easy to play as the rules and regulations are clearly spelt out for you. While you will need to develop many of your gaming strategies alone, we are happy to give guidelines to newbies and give them the best learning process.

Fan Tan Rules and Strategy 855crown Asia

As you take on this enjoyable game on 855crown know that it would allow a minimum of 3 players and maximum of 8 per round. To win the game, one must be the first to finish their cards. Isn’t it just so easy? Just figure out how to finish all your cards the fastest and you’ve won. Please remember that the cards used are the regular ones which am sure you’ve come across but not the joker card. The game is played on a large square board whose sides are labeled 1 – 4. The game starts with the croupier covering some buttons in a cup-like metal bowl. He then puts various materials such as coins or beads and covers them with a Tan koi (metal bowl) on the betting table. Players are then required to bet on the numbers1 to 4 making sure their bets are placed on the board against the number they are betting on. A player can also put his bet on a corner between two numbers on the board such as 2 and 3, meaning he’s put a wager on either of the two numbers. The croupier would then start removing the metal bowl, 4 every time until no more than 4 buttons remain. Should it be that the last group has 4 buttons left, the bet on 4 has the win, in the case 3 are left then, the bet on 3 has the win and so on. Upon winning, the winner has 4 times his betting stake. Corner bets have less earnings in the event of a win and a 5% commission is deducted for the Casino. Strategies are very important once you start playing online Fan Tan on 855crown, these are important if you want winning stakes to rise. There exist numerous sites that train on Fan tan and its strategies for free but one basic strategy a Fan Tan player ought to know is that of minimizing your opponent’s chances of playing a card that suits them. Always manipulate the game in a way that your opponent’s play card suiting your last remaining card. The more you play Fan Tan on 855crown, the more your creativity will escalate hence the capability to formulate sophisticated strategies and skills that would be the kill switch of your opponents.

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