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Range of Sports and Wagering Options

Betting on games and sporting events has always been so popular in Asian countries. Asian gambling industry has grown so fast in recent past that it overtook Europe in 2010 and became the largest gambling region of the world. With the emergence of online gambling and betting platform sports betting has got even more popularity especially among younger generation. Introduction of online sportsbooks programmed for Asian market has made it easier and faster for Asian punters to bet on almost all sporting and non-sporting events.

Asian sportsbooks now offer all popular wager types and betting odds available in the industry. All those brands that provide online sportsbook also offer online casino and betting facilities which can be accessed through mobile platform as well.

Games and Sports to Bet on:

Asian online sportsbooks cover almost all gaming and sporting events around the world to let their punters bet on and therefore availability of games and sports has never been an issue in Asian betting market. Here punters are offered more than 4000 events to place their bets on every week. The list of available sports for betting in Asian gambling market includes the following sports and games – Football, American football (Soccer), cricket, rugby, motor sports, golf, tennis, boxing, UFC / MMA, baseball, basketball, hockey, water sports, horse race, badminton, snooker, darts, table tennis, volleyball and other gaming events like Olympics, winter Olympics etc. These sportsbooks also accept in game betting and live betting from both computer and mobile platform.

Wagering Options and Betting Odds:

Understanding the available wagering options and betting odds is so important for a bettor. Odds are actually the interpretation of probability or chance of a certain outcome. There are different types of odds offered by sportsbooks for online sports betting and they are –

Asian Handicap Odds: Asian handicap betting system is relatively new as it emerged in 21st century. This is the most popular football betting system where teams are handicapped according to their form. So, stronger team must win with bigger margin than that of the weaker or underdog team for the bettors to win their bets on stronger or favorite team. Asian handicaps usually range from 1-quarter goal to several goals and reduce the predicted outcome from 3 to 2 by excluding the draw option. So, bettors have 50% chance of winning every time betting on Asian handicap.

Decimal Odds: Decimal odds are popular in Europe and also termed as European odds. Here chances are converted into decimals. If something has 20% chance of happening then the odds will be 100/20=5 (5.0 odds). For example, if you wager $10 on 5.0 odds and win the bet, you will receive $50 which means your payout will be determined by multiplying your stake with the odds.

Fractional Odds: Traditional fractional odds are popular in UK. Here probability is expressed in fraction. Taking the example of 20% chance, the odds will be displayed as 4/1 odds. So, if you wager $1 on 4/1 odds and win the bet, you will earn $4 for every $1 of stake ($5 in total).

Fractional Odds: Traditional fractional odds are popular in UK. Here probability is expressed in fraction. Taking the example of 20% chance, the odds will be displayed as 4/1 odds. So, if you wager $1 on 4/1 odds and win the bet, you will earn $4 for every $1 of stake ($5 in total).

Point Spread: Point spread is the most straightforward betting system in basketball where the team mostly expected to win is termed as ‘Favorite’ and the other is termed as ‘Underdog’. To make each team equal in betting table, the favorite team gives points to the underdog team.

For example – if Team A is -10 points favorite over Team B, then Team A has to win the match by 11 or more points for its bettors to win. If Team A wins by less than 10 points or Team B even lose by 9 runs or less, bettors on Team B will win their bets.

Total or Over/Under Bet: This is another easy to understand betting system. The sportsbook sets a predicted total number and you will have to bet on whether the actual match total will go over that total or remain under that total. A tie between predicted and actual total won’t change anything.

Money Line Bet: Money line betting is another option for wagering. Here you will have to bet on which team will win the match forgetting everything about point spread. Money line odds is also known as US odds and look like –

  • New York Knicks -300 (Bet $300 to win $100)
  • Boston Celtics +240 (Bet $100 to win $240)

Parlays and Teasers Bet: Parlay and Teaser bets are called exotic bets in basketball. Under parlay bet you can bet against money line or point spread while teaser bet lets you bet with point spread and you can adjust the point spread in your favor. Both bets are combination of two o more individual bets. Parlay bets pay higher payouts than individual bet and teaser bets pay less. In both parlay and teaser bet all your chosen teams have to win their matches otherwise you will lose your bet.

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